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Your Own Story Woven into Your Coffee

The ultimate step in providing an amazing coffee experience for your customers is developing your own custom, co-branded blend with us. We bring the coffee rigor and experience; you bring the creativity and vision for the unique experience you want to provide to your customers.

The process takes as long as it takes. We don’t mind investing in your program. First, we engage your executives and chefs in a cupping (tasting) to expand the possibilities and introduce you to the huge range of aromas and flavors found in coffee. Then we do some flavor brainstorming with you blending brewed coffees in order to establish your preferences. Then, we try to narrow down options to your favorites and have other stakeholders give feedback on your chosen blends. Finally, if appropriate, we conduct a pairing session with items from your menu to ensure that the coffee is amazing in your specific context. In the end you have an excellent cup that your team owns and enjoyed developing. It tells your story, pairs perfectly with your menu, and adds personality and depth to an important part of your offering and how you host customers.

This might take one development session or six. But the result is always the same—a great coffee experience for your customers to enjoy with your name on it and our program behind it.