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Brewing Techniques

Step 1: Pick Your Coffee

Costa Rica Honduras Ethiopia
Emilia Squilchuck Decaf Honduras


Step 2: Pick Your Method

Bonavita/Coffee Brewer French Press Pourover/Chemex
Espresso Aeropress


Step 3: Brew!

For easiest and most accurate measurements we recommend using a kitchen scale to weigh out water and coffee. 

To get the best possible flavor from your brew we suggest using a coffee weight to water weight ratio of from 1:16 to 1:18, to taste. (This ratio does not apply to espresso.)

For best extraction of hot brewed coffee water temperature should be between 195 and 205 degrees, or just off boil if you don't have a thermometer handy. 

If brewed coffee tastes sour or under-developed, try grinding coffee on a finer setting. Sour flavors are often a sign of under-extraction. 

If brewed coffee tastes bitter or over-developed, try grinding coffee on a coarser setting. Bitter flavors are often a sign of over-extraction.

The following directions are our preferred methods for brewing our coffee. We want to provide them as a baseline that you can use to get you started on finding the exact way you like your coffee to taste:


  Bonavita/Drip Espresso French Press Aeropress Pourover/Chemex
Coffee 50 grams 17 grams 50 grams 20 grams 20 grams
Water 4 cups (900 grams) 30 grams 900 grams 350 grams 350 grams
Grind Medium (26 on a Baratza grinder) Fine (8 on a Baratza grinder) Coarse (30 on a Baratza grinder) Fine (7 on a Baratza grinder) Medium (20-25 on a Baratza grinder)
Brew Time Brewer's cycle time 25-30 seconds 4 minutes 40 seconds 4 minutes
Instructions Pre-wet #4 Melitta filter Put dry coffee into portafilter and tamp very evenly at around 30 pounds of pressure Put dry coffee into French Press, pour water and start timer. Stir once. Crust will form at the top, plunge this and then leave until 4 minutes is up. Press coffee slowly and evenly Stir for 10 seconds, press firmly, not exceedingly for 30 seconds Pre-wet filter. Pour 100 grams, wait 45 seconds. Pour 100 grams, stir 3 times. Pour 100 grams, stir 3 times. Pour 50 grams, let go