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Well-Sourced Coffees

It seems self-evident that an excellent cup has to start with excellent green coffee. The SCAA’s Specialty Grade is the highest quality standard for coffee, and Mela is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). We source and roast only specialty grade coffee.

The SCAA has established that Specialty grade coffee must score 80 or greater on their standardized 100-point scale, and less than 5% of all coffee is estimated to make the Specialty grade. The SCAA standard for green coffee is a very strict standard that excludes coffees with too many defects in the beans. Only the highest quality and highest consistency coffees make the grade.

At Mela we work with excellent importers of specialty green coffee who cultivate responsible and rigorous relationships with coffee growers and co-ops in every coffee growing region and country. Specialty coffee importers pay growers of specialty coffee high prices for their high-quality crops.

At Mela sourcing only the highest quality Specialty coffee is the critical first step on the path to delivering to our customers an excellent experience in every cup.