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Training, Calibration and Consultation

The intensity of the training we provide depends upon the type of program you run or envision. Training baristas in top-quality espresso drinks and latte art is intense. Training employees to open one of our pre-measured coffee packets, dump it in the filter basket and hit the start button on the brewer is about as simple and quick as it gets.

Training your staff on the story of the coffee is always critical. We recommend an official launch meeting with all relevant staff where we partner with your people, who led the coffee program development, to tell the story behind the coffee and its development. This gives us a chance to answer their question and help get them excited for the improvement in the program and how easy it will be to maintain its quality and that we are always available to them as continuing support.

All our customers are also invited to visit us and tour our roasting facility in downtown Wenatchee and participate in coffee cupping and various trainings at our site.