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Connection to the Origin

Coffee is great. It has an exotic, tropical, agricultural origin story and a more-local roasting story and also your hyper-local brewing and serving story. That’s a lot of people working really hard to ensure a great coffee experience for each of your customers. That’s the story we want to help you tell.

The location of the coffee farm is a huge driver in the ultimate coffee flavor and experience. Each continent has its overarching contribution to flavor and style. Smaller regions refine the sense of origin further, just like American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) designate relevant regions for wines. And finally the specific microclimate, of which there can be multiple per farm, determines the basic attributes of each unique lot of coffee. We are interested in tracing these origins in as much detail as possible and telling that story. Our experience teaches that, like most things, coffee tastes better the more we know about it.

We work hard to help you and your customers know as much about the origin of your coffees as will help you accomplish your vision.