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Your Own Amazing Blend

We offer a program to develop the perfect custom, co-branded blend to interested wholesale partners. This has proven to be a great option for resorts, ski lodges, and high-end restaurants wanting to differentiate and brand a premium coffee offering. This is a great way to offer your customers a customized coffee experience with a great story, exceptional quality, and strong connection to both our small batch roasting and strong link to the coffee farmer. 

We have a well-established program to walk your team of executives, chefs and/or managers through the development process. We’ve done the hard work of sourcing the coffees and developing an excellent roast profile for each. We will guide you through the fun of tasting, selecting, blending, and, if appropriate, pairing your unique blend with your restaurant menu. The way you use coffee to craft an unique and enjoyable experience for your customers is only limited by the limits of your knowledge and creativity.

We are delighted to help you develop an excellent, creative, customized coffee offering that suites your goals and creates value for your customers.