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Quality and Detail at Every Point

With coffee we’ve learned to start at the end. Who can care how hard the farmer worked, how skillfully the roaster roasted, how precisely the equipment brewed, or how artfully they served the coffee, if the final cup wasn’t any good? The only thing that matters is that excellence in the cup for each and every one of your customers.

Rigor. In addition to well-sourced beans, roasting experience and understanding, and top quality brewing equipment, there’s a necessity for rigor.  We have learned that at every point in the chain from farming to presenting the final cup there has to be discipline and control and rigor. It might be easier to just roast coffee and wave goodbye as we ship it out, but there’s no way to promise our customers a consistently excellent cup without putting in the work to control every possible variable at every point along the way.

How do we ensure an excellent cup? Here’s our secret formula:

  1. Source excellent specialty beans
  2. Apply obnoxious perfectionism to developing each roast profile
  3. Preserve best flavor through intelligent packaging
  4. Ship at the “right” time (never stale, but also not too soon after roasting)
  5. Install excellent brewing equipment
  6. Scientifically calibrate each brewer to each coffee, and keep calibrated over time
  7. Continuously train employees on brewing and coffee story
  8. Nimbly adapt entire program or program components to the evolving market and life’s vicissitudes