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Supply & Calibration of Premier Machinery

We view installing brewing equipment in your site as a rigorous consulting project. Before we even think about what machines to install we spend time with your key people to understand the goals and constraints of the programs they run. Once we identify potential peak coffee demand, bottlenecks, normal demand and flow rates, and ergonomics and various types of constraints in your physical space, we can choose the optimal coffee brewing equipment and servers to support your program.

Though it sounds a little complicated this work to determine the optimal equipment is critical for the long-term success of your program and doesn’t take much time from your team. When the proper equipment is installed and maintained, employees are happier, product shortages are avoided, and the result is a smooth, consistent program and a great experience for your customers.

Once the proper equipment has been installed we scientifically calibrate the brewing recipe and brewer settings. This ensures that your program will be serving the exact same coffee that you initially chose or developed with us. After the initial calibration we schedule regular calibration visits to your site to ensure the continued excellence of the coffee experience.