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Vero Espresso

Signature Blend

This award winning, Fair Trade, Organic espresso is a combination of Sumatran and Central American coffees. We roast this coffee to achieve rich, dark chocolate notes and a syrupy, sweet body. We designed Vero to be a little darker roast than our average. It's a quality option for those that prefer a more traditional espresso. And it's delicious in larger drinks with milk and flavors.

The blending of the Sumatran and American origins produces a high level of consistency and quality that can be depended on for a continually enjoyable cup of coffee all year. Although we designed this blend as an espresso, it brews wonderfully as drip, a pour-over, French press or Aeropress.

2018 Winner of Golden Mug Award for Best Espresso from Mistobox.

NOTE: Our coffee is shipped out within 2 days of roast date, and shipping days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.