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Happy New Year

by Kyle Hendrickson January 07, 2022

Happy New Year! We hope you know how much we have appreciated serving up a great, local coffee experience to you over the last year! We look forward to partnering with you in 2022 and doing whatever we can to help you make progress in your coffee journey. 

We do expect some of the challenges of 2021 to hang on into 2022. Inflation seems likely to continue to force all of us to adjust. Who knows what new COVID regulations might appear and how the coffee landscape may change? We’re thankful to partner with amazing customers and businesses like you as we all face these challenges together. 

Mela Coffee Roasting Stages

One fun bit of news: Our Roasting Team is growing! 

We’re still small and laser-focused on your coffee, but we now have three skilled people on our coffee development and roasting team and another new team member in production.

The team currently consists of Dalton, Seth, Marissa, Mario and Kyle. We are really lucky to have some great people with amazing, diverse coffee experiences.  

Mela's 2022 Roasting Team
Mela Team, left to right: Marissa, Kyle, Mario, Seth, Dalton

Here's a quick intro to each of our people to help you know who's working hard behind the scenes:

Marissa is our newest team member. Her primary job is lovingly and precisely packaging and labeling your coffee. 

Dalton is our new Production Manager. He's the foundation of our operations and our Coffee Roasting Team. He's been training at Mela for a few years. Dalton loves developing coffees. He’s also a good musician. 

Seth oversees our sales, support, and service. He is gifted with equipment and loves making systems run better. Seth learned to roast coffee in Turkey! He also runs his own local coffee company called Coffee With A Mission, which is a non-profit that connects people to other local non-profits through coffee. Seth is part of our Coffee Development Team with Dalton and Mario. 

Mario is the Director of Operations across our three sister companies. His main role at the Roastery is as part of the Coffee Development Team. A global traveler, Mario's love for coffee started in Seattle while at the University of Washington. While traveling the world, he met his Polish wife in Turkey, settled with her in Poland, and learned Polish while starting and operating his own specialty coffee business in Warsaw. Mario has a passion for Mexican specialty coffees, so hopefully we will be seeing a really good one of those featured at Mela in the near future!    

We would love to talk to you about any new products you'd like to try or improvements you'd like to make for this year. We may be the leading regional coffee roaster, but we're small, personal and local. What makes us happy is helping you make the progress you value in the world of coffee. We're here to help you, so please reach out anytime. 

Happy New Year! 

All the best,

Mela Coffee Roasting Company

Kyle Hendrickson
Kyle Hendrickson


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